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Commercial Roofing

Max Exteriors is a commercial roofing company that cares about the customer’s satisfaction and happiness. With our outstanding work, you will be able to see what sets us apart from other companies: happy clients with spectacular results.Our extraordinary service makes us perfect for any project size or budget.

Commercial Roofing Benefits

Do you want to keep your business safe from harsh weather and ensure its durability? Our experienced technicians can inspect the exterior of any building, no matter how large or small. We provide durable protection for all those valuable assets.

The Commercial Roofing Process

Quality you deserve and the dependability you can count on
We know that a roof inspection is the first step in determining what you need for your Texas property. That’s why we complete our main priority by thoroughly checking out every inch of it, from top to bottom and side-to-side!
After performing a free roof inspection for property owners, we help them understand the different solutions. Suppose it is determined that your current roof cannot meet energy efficiency standards.
Our team is dedicated to making your commercial roof project seamless and quick. We will have a Project Manager on-site at all times, checking for quality installation of replacement materials that are needed…
At the end of your project, we will go through a final inspection to make sure that you’re satisfied with everything. We also recommend yearly maintenance on commercial roofs after hail storms so they can last longer and perform better!

Upgrading Your Commercial Roof Has Many Benefits

Let the benefits speak for themselves

Attract Customers

Customers will notice if you have an old roof that needs replacing. A brand new roof will enhance the overall appearance of your building and attract new customers to your business.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Installing a new roof made from high-quality materials can save your company money. There are many energy-efficient roofing materials to choose from.

Styles for any home

Repairs to a commercial roof can be expensive, and you'll end up saving more money by simply replacing the worn-out material.

When to know if you need repairs

Signals your roof needs repairs:

Products We Trust

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